Custom Christmas card photography

This year, send a card as unique as your family.

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How It Works:

Discuss Ideas

Do you have a favorite activity or location that you enjoy? We’ll come up with a Christmas card idea that screams “this is us!” for you and your family.

Do the Photo Shoot

We can do the photography either at my Austin studio or your location.

Get the Cards

Once you’re happy with the final design, you’ll get 5×7 cards with envelopes to send to your friends and family. You can also order larger prints and canvases.

"Eric is a master photographer and editor. He was able to truly make our dreams come true - if your dream happens to be living in the Snow Village Christmas set you've been collecting for years. Or trying to figure out how to showcase the long, crazy beard your husband inexplicably grew. For anyone who thinks this type of work is a quick 'photoshop' job - you're wrong. His skill and dedication to making the impossible look probable is due to his talent and experience. Whether you want to capture a moment in time, a funny concept, or the unique and unusual, Eric is the only photographer who can deliver on all accounts. Book him early, book him every year!"

− Melissa and Todd, Oklahoma

"As a family of superheroes, it goes without saying that we need a Christmas card that sets us apart. Each year, we adventure with Eric to create, not only an amazing card, but memories. It's tradition now. People always ask how we create such incredible, unique, Christmas cards each year. It's easy. Eric Doggett. Also, there is wine. "

− Amanda and Joel, Austin

"As a boutique law firm, we consistently strive to set ourselves apart. Eric Doggett helps us do just that. It helps to humanize our firm and let our clients know that attorneys* can have a sense of humor.
*Not all attorneys have a sense of humor."

− Levatino|Pace, LLP

"Not many people can say they have one trusted photographer that they use for everything. When I say everything, I mean capturing family memories. Eric Doggett is that photographer to us. Our family photographer. Christmas is a special time for families and we would not trust anyone other then Eric to capture the joy of the season for us. We are a military family so where we live can be anywhere in the world. But that still doesn’t stop us from having Eric photograph us. For our Christmas card we flew out from Hawaii, just to have him create his magic. Eric was able to put us into a 5” Disney Snow Globe that I wanted to use! Yes, I wanted to be driving Mickey’s car inside the snow globe, and Eric made it happen. His Christmas cards are our favorite as he can create any vision you want. No one would ever be disappointed with an Eric Doggett photograph or card. There is a reason he was our wedding photographer, took our son's first baby pictures, our Christmas card, and photographed our trip into Disneyland’s exclusive Club 33. Let me put it this way, all our friends and family look forward to whatever creative Doggett Christmas card will be sent out that year!"

− Sabrina and James, IL