EricDoggettHello! My name is Eric Doggett and I’m a photographer based in Austin, Texas. Every year I love creating fun, stylized Christmas cards for clients. I create a lot of these images in Austin, but I also travel for them too.  For me, it’s about creating an image that captures your family, for this year, in a fun way. The holidays only happen once a year!  This year, let’s create something truly memorable for you that screams “This is our family!”


A New York Christmas

The Rufftop

We Need More Cowbell!

Curtain Call

dr seuss christmas card

Christmas in Whoville



Hamilton Christmas

Hamilton Christmas

Christmas At The Beach

Lacrosse Christmas



Vote For Me


The Christmas Suite


Good Grief!





A House Divided



Merry Frak’n Christmas!


Begin To Materialize

star wars christmas card

Santa in Carbonite


Please Say Anything


Dogs Playing Poker

Holiday Lawyerman

Holiday Lawyerman


So Many Voices



Christmas Card With Horses

Round Up!


Up On The Housetop

ghost christmas card

ghosts of christmas

canoe trip christmas card

Canoe Trip

card of thrones

card of thrones

austin mural christmas card

austin mural

album cover christmas card

austin road

what does the fox say christmas card

music video

magic christmas card

magic show

home alone

home alone

comic christmas card

comic christmas

holiday accounting christmas card

holiday accounting

kitchen christmas card

kitchen fun

lake austin christmas card


hockey christmas card image 1

ice cold

cartoon christmas card

cartoon family

movie christmas card

time travel

elf christmas card

elf on a shelf

the cookie pan

the cookie pan

a legal christmas

a legal christmas

fishing christmas card

gone fishing

tv show christmas card

get off the island

cartoon christmas card

sweet dreams

hangover christmas card


racing christmas card


more cowbell christmas card

more cowbell

candy store christmas card

candy store

travel christmas card


crime scene christmas card

crime scene

christmas village christmas card


leg lamp

leg lamp

military christmas card


music festival christmas card


farm christmas card


wonderful life

wonderful life

christmas vacay

christmas vacay

austin flying christmas card


christmas album

christmas album

As a family of superheroes, it goes without saying that we need a Christmas card that sets us apart. Each year, we adventure with Eric to create, not only an amazing card, but memories. It's tradition now. People always ask how we create such incredible, unique, Christmas cards each year. It's easy. Eric Doggett. Also, there is wine.

Amanda and Joel, Austin

Eric is a master photographer and editor. He was able to truly make our dreams come true - if your dream happens to be living in the Snow Village Christmas set you've been collecting for years. Or trying to figure out how to showcase the long, crazy beard your husband inexplicably grew. For anyone who thinks this type of work is a quick 'photoshop' job - you're wrong. His skill and dedication to making the impossible look probable is due to his talent and experience. Whether you want to capture a moment in time, a funny concept, or the unique and unusual, Eric is the only photographer who can deliver on all accounts. Book him early, book him every year!

Melissa and Todd, Oklahoma City

As a boutique law firm, we consistently strive to set ourselves apart. Eric Doggett helps us do just that. It helps to humanize our firm and let our clients know that attorneys* can have a sense of humor.
*Not all attorneys have a sense of humor.

Levatino | Pace LLC, Austin

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