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A Little Bit About Me

This is the part of the website where I tell you that I got my first camera at 3 and had my first magazine assignment by 9. Not quite! I didn’t even have an Atari until I was 10, I think.

In 2005 I took up photography as a way to get outside of an office. As it turns out, I’m not a big fan of fluorescent lighting. You probably aren’t either.

I started with portraits and learned some incredible stories of the people I photographed. At the same time, I also became interested in creating images that told a different story. A bigger, fatter, funnier story. There’s humor in everything, and it became my mission to seek it out. I started sketching out my own ideas and shooting them. As it turns out, these are excellent qualities to have when creating fun holiday cards for our family and our clients. I started doing holiday shoots in 2009, and they are so much fun that I can’t stop!

Additional Info

If you’d like to check out more of my work, here are some other links:

www.ericdoggett.com – the main hub for all of my work.

www.doggettstudios.com – my main editorial/advertising portfolio site.

www.fineartbyeric.com – my painting/photography e-commerce site. All of my holiday-themed paintings are here!

www.austinphotogs.com – a Facebook group I started in 2008. We get together every few months or so for some good food and drink – come join us!

And here are the required social links:

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