Best of 2018 Christmas Card Contest!


It’s a lot of fun working with Christmas card clients every year! Since 2013, I’ve run a contest to determine the fan-favorite Christmas card of the year. For 2018, we have 9 finalists. To vote for your favorite, simply enter a comment below with the number or text of your favorite card. At the end of the contest, I’ll tally the votes and the winner will receive a free 20”x30” canvas of their card image along with the coveted “Refrigerator Trophy”!

Be sure to read the instructions below on how to vote!

1: A Snowy Fortnite


2: Holiday Portal


3: A Classic Christmas


4: Yuletide Hits!


5: The Fortnite Before Christmas


6: Out of This World!


7: Christmas Golf


8: A Family of Elves


9: An Impossible Christmas


Voting starts today and ends this Sunday, 1/13. To vote, enter your favorite card below and click Post Comment. On the next screen, enter your name and email and click Comment as Guest and I will approve the comment. You must enter an email address for the vote to count. No spam here - I will only send one email announcing the winner. Thanks!